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Get the good night's
sleep you all need

A holistic, personalized approach to helping babies and children get better sleep. Newborn through Age 4.

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Hi, I'm Angela Ellsworth, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant.  I specialize in helping families get better sleep.  Specifically I work with babies and children from 4 weeks through 4 years old, on whatever sleep issue you might be having.

A bit about me:

 - Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Baby Sleep Consultant Training 

 - Bachelors of Science degree, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Sleep Consulting With Angela

You're exhausted.  I can help.

I work with babies and children from 4 weeks through 4 years old, on whatever sleep issue you might be having. I take a holistic approach to sleep - looking at sleep environment, naps, bedtime routine, overnight sleep, daily schedule and nutrition - and form an age-appropriate, personalized sleep plan for your child and your family situation. Then over the course of 2 weeks, I support you in implementing the plan by phone, text and email.  I also offer in-home consultations if you would like help, in the comfort of your home, to implement a specific settling technique or sleep training method, assess your baby's sleep environment, or just offer in-person support.   

Day & Night Sleep


Text, Phone, Email Support

Home Visits

Sleep Environment


Feeding and Nutrition Evaluation

Custom Sleep

Plan & Schedule

Sleeping baby

What Well-Rested Parents Say

"Our daughter Victoria was nursing every 2-3 hours a night and we were co-sleeping with her from when she was 6 months old. After almost 11 months of struggling to get her to sleep through the night, I desperately needed help. I was hesitant at first because we talked to a lot of people including our daughter’s pediatrician and everyone just recommended the “cry it out” method. I’m glad I reached out to Angela. She’s truly professional! She asked questions and tried to understand our situation. Basically she listened to my concerns! She didn’t tell me to just try the “cry it out” method like everyone else. She kept me posted as she worked on a best plan for Victoria. She took her time to go over the plan with us. She made sure I felt comfortable and confident before starting. She offered a lot of support. And it was just magical! It took only 3-4 days to get our Victoria from cosleeping and nursing all night long, to being in her own crib and sleeping through the night. And that was without letting her “cry it out”!!! We couldn’t have done it without Angela’s coaching. Thank you so much, Angela!"

-Minh L.

"We contacted Angela when our family was at a breaking point: each night felt like facing a battle--both exhausting and terrifying. Our 5 month old was waking up three times per night and staying awake for 1-2 hours with each wake-up. Angela's thorough and detail-oriented but focused intake enabled us the chance to reflect on what we've been doing and gain insight into how our behavioral patterns were feeding into our baby's patterns. Angela took the time to understand our parenting style and our values before compiling a plan that felt comprehensive, concrete, and most of all, feasible! Just having a written plan in black and white was so helpful in the middle of an endless night when minutes feel so long and the fuses are short.
She also had very helpful insight into what we could do during the day to get our daughter to nap better and ultimately to sleep better at night. And her 24-hour schedule was a godsend that really helped our nanny navigate the days. She kept us on the right track by checking in and helping us to navigate unforeseen challenges, including on the weekends.
After a week of following Angela's plan, our baby was waking up once, napping more consistently, and we felt like tired humans rather than zombies. Thank you, Angela!!!"

-Olga R.

"Angela is totally legit! Our son used to take about an hour to put down, and would get so upset if we left the room until he was fast asleep, but with her suggestions of role-playing with stuffed animals and making a specific set of rules for bedtime, within ONE attempt we were able to put him down in about 15minutes. No leaving the room, no crying, and now he demands we remind him the rules of bedtime before going to bed. Absolutely terrific advice for our toddler; it's been months now, and bedtime routines are so easy!"

-Dave J.

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